Storage projects for spring

Way too much stuff! I had grand plans to be ruthless in sorting out my craft room but I didn’t happen. Yes I have way too much stuff, but I genuinely seem to need it or think it could come in handy. I have come to the conclusion I just need better storage. I currently have a couple of sets of plastic drawers, but am thinking a ceiling height cupboard might be a good option. When I get the chance I think a trip to a second hand furniture store might be a good idea (it’s a hard life but some ones gotta do it).

My other issue is having a workspace that is easy to manage and can be tidied away quickly. Most of my time is spent in the living room, spreading between the coffee and dinning table – anything but ideal. My plan is to try and source a small writing bureau that I can upcycle and make into the perfect shabby chic project space. It should have a couple of draws to store any current projects in and with the foldaway desk is perfect for instantly looking tidy!

Better start hunting, I smell some painting coming on!