Keepsake Boxes

These keepsake boxes have grown out of my love for holding on to memories. I have boxes of letters, photos, tickets and mementos that make me laugh and cry. Life is busy and sometimes just sitting and looking back on the events that made you who you are is the best pick me up there is. With this in mind I have started making special boxes as gifts for friends and family. They are wooden boxes that I cover and line with good quality cotton fabric, with padding on the lid and inside the box to add that extra special feel. They have a magnetic clasp to keep everything safe and I try to add lots of little personal embellishments to make individual.

The first one I made was for the birth of my cousins 1st baby, a place to keep all those locks of hair, Christening gifts and other firsts. To make it extra special I transferred a photograph of the baby onto the inside of the lid and hand embroidered his name and date of birth onto the top of the lid.┬áMy second box was for a 50th birthday gift, my ‘Box of Smiles’ which had a favourite quote in the lid and was decorated with nautical fabric. The third was for a friends first born, again I hand embroidered the name and DoB on the lid and inside transferred a picture of the baby; this one had multi coloured dot fabric to match the nursery.

I love making these boxes and the options seem endless, I’ve got a couple of new babies soon and next year there will be a few 30th birthday celebrations so it’s a good job I have a loft full of boxes!!


New Ideas

Red and White Bead and WireGrey Marble Bead and Wire

Thought I’d have a fresh start for 2013 with some brand new design ideas and what better way to start than a birthday gift for my sister. I wanted to create designs that used the large amount of coloured wire that I have collected and i’m really pretty pleased with the results, I nearly kept the red/white ones for myself. The next step is to recreate these designs using lots different colour combinations and with a few more birthdays and a couple of leaving gifts to make in the next few weeks I’ll get plenty of practise!!