Happy bag

It was one of my best friends birthdays a couple of weeks ago and I wanted to give her something I’ve made, only trouble is she isn’t a jewellery person, which is my staple birthday gift, so I decided to try out a new bag style. So a tote bag it was, she loves shopping and lives in Wales where they have to take their own shopping bags or pay for the privilege of collecting plastic bags (a great idea I think).


I wanted to make a really strong one so went one better than the single layer calico bag, this gave me the chance to use some of the gorgeous fabric I’ve collected over the years. I chose a Paris inspired cotton and used a thick calico for the outside. To pretty it up a bit I appliqu├ęd the word happy to one side, my friend is a very happy person so it suits her well.


I really love this bag, better I think than the slouch bags, so the next one I make will be for me – the main perk of being creative! I think these bags are also a definite for my business, I’ll have to start thinking of some themes and some key word to put on them?



Holiday Slouch Bags

I recently went to Paris and wanted a lightweight handbag that could be folded up really small but also hold the seemingly endless amount of useful stuff I require when on holiday. I shopped around for a while but couldn’t find anything remotely close to what I had in mind – cue new project! I got a few ideas together and with the help of my trusted sewing machine was able to make a really great bag that fitted all my needs and in my favourite colours, blue and orange. Since the Paris bag I’ve made 2 more for a friend from work and her daughter, they are just perfect for holidays and can be made in almost any size and colour. I really enjoyed choosing the fabrics, I especially love the girlie lining to this yellow bag, it’s so cute and my friend’s daughter is now telling everyone she has a designer bag!!