Happy New Year!

Ok so it’s a new year and another new start. Thinking about Sweet Beatrice for the coming year I’m really aiming for some big changes. I’ve just started my distance learning Interior Design course and will soon be combining that with a Garden Design Course just to cover all my interests. I have also enrolled on a seamstress course to further improve my sewing skills and teach me some good techniques.

All this learning is along side the biggest project I’ve had to date which is my own, brand new (not literally), totally mine, home! This is such an exciting project for me, not only do I get to design and decorate a home for myself and my partner but I get to have my own creative spaces within that home which will make my life so much easier. Initially this year may seem a bit slow in terms of setting up a business, but behind the scenes I will be creating a great base for Sweet Beatrice to truly become a reality.