Shed pretty

Just wanted to post a pic of my garden shed. It’s a little beach hut shape shed that I painted last year. I love it and thought I would share it. Won’t show you the inside though, that still needs a bit of work!



Craft project box

As I do the majority of my craft work in the living room, I need to be mindful of packing it away quickly and easily when required. Recently I acquired a basic wooden box, originally I think from ikea. The box is the perfect size to fit behind the door of the living room so I stated to store my current projects in it. Well if you sit still long enough in my house you will get painted!

I’m really pleased with the finished result. I used left over egg shell paint from various projects and some clear varnish I found in the shed. The design is a word theme I have been working on for a while, I also made a memory box for my boyfriend in a similar style. I love the detail and concentration of hand painting the words using a print out and light pencil outline on the wood. It’s a really effective way of personalising an item and in this case giving the box a distinct purpose!

The Perfect Sideboard

My partner and I were given an old pine dresser when we moved into our new house, it had been sat in a garage for about 10 years, was water damaged and generally a bit dated but the potential was there. I’ve always wanted a solid wood sideboard so we discarded the top of the dresser and focused on the base. I am torn between the feel of bare wood and the beauty of painted surfaces and after sanding down the layers of orange varnish I was amazed to find such stunning raw wood underneath.

Funny story – while we were having the sideboard delivered one of the doors flew off and was later found in 3 pieces after being run over and propped in a hedge. Due to this damage we couldn’t leave the wood bare as however well the door was fixed it would never look great. I decided that in order to get the best of both styles I would paint the main body of the sideboard but leave the top bare as it had the most gorgeous grain and such a light, natural colour. To keep the bare wood as natural as possible I used an oil based sealer and for the body a wonderful duck egg blue eggshell paint, both beautiful and also really hard wearing.

As well as damaging the wood of the door, it’s car accident rendered the door knob squashed beyond repair. 3 new handles were bought but in order to match these with the original drawer handles I sprayed them all a pewter colour which goes really well with the duck egg.

Finally Finished

Finally Finished

This perfect sideboard was a real labour of love, it shows just what you can get out of great quality old furniture, a few paints and a lot of effort. This sideboard is my favourite piece of furniture in the whole house and I plan on keeping it around for quite some time.